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December 9, 2008, 5:39 am
What credit score do you have to have to get an unsecured credit card and do you take it from the middle of the 3 credit bureaus
You need to have just a valid credit score to qualify for an unsecured credit card. Secured credit cards are basically designed for those who have no credit score at all and those with heavily damaged credit or recent bankruptcy. In all other cases unsecured cards are easily available to apply for. With the credit score of 650-850 you can get an excellent or good credit card with lowest interest rates and rewards. If your score is average or even less, say it is between 350 and 659, because your credit history is too short and you're currently developing it, you can count on average or limited credit offers. In case your history got a hit by late payments and now needs improvement, consider cards for bad credit score. They have low limits but are a good way to rebuild your credit overtime if you make all your payments on time and do not exceed the balance. So, check your credit score to know which card you qualify for. We advise you pull the score from all the three bureaus as the bank may consider the 3 variants of it. Some banks may use only one bureau to assess your eligibility.
December 9, 2008, 5:52 am
We recently discharged our bankruptcy and want to know how to get our credit score back up.
Some banks on our website offer credit cards for your particular situation. You may choose from either unsecured or secured offers to help you rebuild credit after personal bankruptcy. Unsecured cards for damaged credit are represented by Orchard Bank. They offer some of the most attractive rates and fees for a bad credit line. You may even find 0% into APRs on purchases and balance transfers and a low APR after the intro period. Secured credit cards may be a more effective tool to restore your credit as they report your payments to all major credit bureaus and protect you against making fat debts. Take your time to compare unsecured cards with secured ones to determine which is better for you at the moment. Apply online and restore your good credit.
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